Esther Varella / Arizona Muse / S/N Magazine

Esther Varella : Arizona 1

Esther Varella Arizona 2 @Hrep

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Esther Varella / Leaving Suite Number 4 / Vogue

Esther Varella Vogue : 1 @h


Esther Varella Vogue 3 @hrepresents
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Esther Varella / Fabiana Mayer / Serafina Magazine

Esther Varella Fabiana 2

Esther Fabiana 3Esther Fabiana 4

Esther Fabiana 5

Esther Fabiana 6

Esther Fabiana 7

Esther Varella  Fabiana 1

Esther Varella / CSS / Nylon Magazine

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Esther Varella / Secretariat / Personal Work

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Esther Varella / All cats are grey / Gudi Magazine


Esther cats 2

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esthercats 5

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esther cats 7

esther cats 8

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Esther Varella cats 12


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Esther Varella

Esther Varella :mojave desert

Esther Varella is a photographer, a graduate of Art Center College of Design, in Los Angeles.

She has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York, São Paulo, and Paris. She currently lives and works between Brazil and Europe.

Her clients include a list of international fashion / art publications, as well as fashion brands.

Her work has been published in NYLON Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Vogue, Folha de São Paulo Magazine (part of the largest newspaper in Brazil), NYArts Magazine, S/N Magazine, Mag! Magazine, as well as many websites such as FFW with commissioned work.

Although she works with fashion and art mainly, the world of music and celebrities easily blends in her universe as well.

Apart from commercial fashion photography, she works on personal projects and has exhibited them in São Paulo in such places as the renowned Galeria Leme and Florence Antonio Gallery.

She has always been an observer, and that is one of the reasons she chose to pursue photography. According to Esther for a good photograph to happen many elements need to align; light, composition, the connection established between the photographer and model…the photographer has to be a good observer in order to know the moment everything binds together. It’s a bit like magic.

Keeping things as natural as possible is important to her. She tries not to impose too much even when creating fashion stories. Somehow all the fun and fantasy has to translate into natural, and natural translates into beauty.

We are all looking for beauty. Beauty allows us to transcend the mundane and glimpse the sublime for a few seconds. That is what a good photo does, and that is why she loves what I do.

“Her images embody solitude with delicacy in a very feminine manner. A lot of it is due to her lighting, pale and natural…She is not afraid of inviting the viewer to fill her empty spaces with imagination” NYArts Magazine

She is currently represented by H represents worldwide.