Spring / Summer 2019

Akiko Stehrenberger x Netflix x Susannah Grant

Akiko Stehrenberger  x Karen O + Danger Mouse’s , An Encounter with Lux Prima xThe Marciano Art foundation

Akiko Stehrenberger x FX x Jonathan Krisel

Akiko Stehrenberger x Louis Garrel


Akiko Stehrenberger x Joe Talbot

Akiko Stehrenberger x Yann Demange

Mark Ulriksen x The New Yorker

Winter 2019

Helena Hauss is showing her new amazing work at Art Paris Art Fair, from April 4th to April 7th. If you need any further info, do not hesitate to get in touch.

“A Series of custom made sculptures hand painted in the delft blue style of ceramics. An approach to represent the inner strength and fury that comes with being a woman, in contrast to an appearance of delicacy we’re too often branded with.
Women have always been construed as the “weaker sex” and are constantly being preyed on, or diminished in some way or another.
Too often portrayed as fragile and delicate, this project is an expression of the contrasting subtleties that come with femininity, as well as an attempt at vindication from a feeling of constant vulnerability that’s been forced upon us.
It’s about inner strength, fury and empowerment.
As a way to say : contrary to what you might think; we’re not made of glass, porcelain or crystal, we’re not gonna break, we’re wearing full metal jackets, and we’re ready to fight back. ………………………………….”
Helena Hauss



I am super happy to announce that Akiko‘s work will be published this fall.

Akiko Stehrenberger is a 10 time CLIO Award, 2 time SXSW Best Poster Award,
1 time Golden Trailer Award, 1 time International Epica Award winning illustrator
who specializes in movie poster and traditional advertising illustration.
She’s known for her conceptually strong imagery and her versatility in painting styles,
which have been vital assets when applying her work to many different genres.
In addition to working on film posters for iconic directors such as Spike Jonze, David Lynch,
Sofia Coppola, Michael Haneke, Harmony Korine, Jonathan Glazer, to name a few,
Interview Magazine deemed her “Poster Girl” while Vanity Fair included two of her
illustrated posters in their “Greatest Movie Posters of All Time”.
Akiko Stehrenberger is considered one of the most celebrated movie poster designers
and illustrators of her generation. This fall, Hat & Beard Press, will publish a book of her 15 years of illustrated movie poster work.
In her traditional advertising illustration avenue, she’s worked on huge accounts for
Old Spice (twice), Camay,, and most recently, this year’s Super Bowl campaign
for Olay.
You may pre-order your copy if you wish by visiting her publisher’s website.

Here’s next week’s NYer cover art directed and illustrated by Mark Ulrisen. This cover is actually an acrylic painting.

I am very happy to start representing Daniel Horowitz, currently based in Paris.

Daniel Horowitz works in painting, drawing, collage, and installation. He also works as an art director and illustrator as he loves to translate an idea or a concept into an image. He is a problem solver who loves collaboration and challenging brief. His existing work which is massive is often licensed to grace a book cover, a magazine cover, a wall or an advertising campaign and the list goes on…

His art is characterized by a unique combination of realism and surrealist abstraction. In many of his compositions, faceless human figures work against backdrops of bizarre landscapes, mundane architecture or chimerical scenes. Twisted and stretched objects or body parts rendered in vibrant colors channel the surreal while examining contemporary reality,  social anxieties and displaced identity. Horowitz’s imagery alters the original nature of objects and scale, creating overall dreamlike atmospheres. His paintings employ an associative logic, whereby disparate subjects are thrown together into impossible landscapes that are nonetheless psychologically cohesive. Through dissonant figure pairings and Freudian fluency in our collective symbolic lexicon, Horowitz conjures up what cannot be visualized into something visible. His paintings suggest a narrative but this promise dissolves into ambiguity. Originally inspired by Surrealism and the Polish Poster School, he developed natural interest in the so-called New Leipzig School, known for mixing surrealism and realism. Horowitz’s work has been the subject of international solo and group exhibitions – from New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Warsaw, Berlin, Leipzig, Paris to Split, Barcelona, and Montreal. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA (2001).

To find out more about Daniel you may visit his website:




Mark UlriksenMastermind Magazine, number 5, a graphic novel about Smartphones. Thank you Mastermind!

Akiko‘s new poster… and here she shines bright again.

Akiko‘s beautiful new poster.

Super Happy to be finally able to share Akiko’s poster for Prune Nourry.

“Serendipity began as a book, published on the occasion of Prune Nourry’s solo show at the Guimet National Asian Art Museum in Paris in 2017. The French-born, New York–based artist has spent the majority of her artistic career creating work that deals with women’s bodies and female fertility. A recent breast cancer diagnosis led Nourry to create Serendipity—now in the form of a stunning first-person documentary—which captures the subsequent evolution of her body, her work, her soul, and her mind. This impassioned, beautiful film embodies the artist’s belief that everything is connected, coincidence is an illusion, and “the essentials to life really are health, love, and art.”
The World Premiere of « Serendipity » will be on Tuesday Feb 12 at the Berlin International Film Festival, in the Berlinale section “Panorama Dokumente”

Akiko was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi NY and their client Olay to create two horror movie posters for their campaign, airing during the Super Bowl and starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.



Fall / Winter 2018

Congratulations Akiko for winning a Gold CLIO Award this year again.

Akiko is a nine time Key Art / CLIO Award winner, a two time SXSW Best Film Poster Award winner, a Golden Trailer Award winner and an International Epica Award winner.

About the CLIO Awards :Our mission is to honor the groundbreaking work and talent that push the boundaries of creativity.

Everything we do is fueled by our passion for celebrating the power of creativity, provoking action and nurturing your vision.

As the standard bearer for visionary communications, we award those creators whose work exemplifies inventive thinking.

Celebrating Inspiration. Honoring Imagination. Fostering Creativity. This is the very essence of the Clio Awards.

Congratulations Mark for the amazing work and the Gold Medal.

About The Society of Illustrators: They present over 400 pieces of the most outstanding works created throughout each year. Open to artists worldwide, thousands of entries are considered by a jury of professionals, which include renowned illustrators, art directors and designers.

Gold and silver medals are preented to the illustrators and art directors whose works are judged the best in each category.

Jordane Saget x LCL

Jordane Saget was commissioned an art installation by LCL for a private event.

Akiko Stehrenberger x Paul Dano

Mark Ulriksen x The New Yorker

Jordane Saget is back, residence coming up at La Maison des Champs Élyséés  

Lovely to re-open the studio of Jordane Saget with Culture secrets for the second tear in a row.


Spring / Summer 2018

Akiko‘s latest posters


Mark Ulriksen‘s 60th cover for The New Yorker “Downtime”. Happy Summer!

Jordane Saget was commissioned by Christie’s to create a drawing on their window for their Post-War & Contemporary Art, Paris Evening Sale. This sale was unveiling rare works by modern masters: from Soulages, Hartung and Calder to Dubuffet and Zao Wou-Ki.




Jordane was given a carte blanche by Steve and their client Peugeot to create a huge mural.


Akiko‘s latest poster… rocks, like all her works.

Helena Hauss is at the  Art Paris Art Fair ! Booth B18 with School Gallery.


Jordane Saget has been given a carte blanche by a famous French brand, stay tuned for more info…


Fall / Winter 2017 – 2018

Mark Ulriksen latest cover for The New Yorker is out, it is his 59th!

Mark Ulriksen latest cover for The New Yorker is out, it is his 58th!

Mark Ulriksen latest cover for The New Yorker is out. Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Jordane Saget has participated among other wonderful artists this year to a music video, directed by Yannick Saillet made to sell a single for Les Restaurants du Coeur. To find out more about the association and support it you may visit their website.



Jordane Saget has been commissioned by la RATP (the Parisian Subway) to create a mural to celebrate the 40th Birthday of the RER in its biggest station: Châtelet-Les-Halles.



Jordane Saget was given a carte blanche by Bercy Village to create an installation which he named “Constellation”. Photographs coming soon…


Akiko Stehrenberger : lastest poster for Nick Ebeling ‘s documentary “Along The Ride”

“Ever wondered what it would have been like standing next to actor, writer, director, artist, and legendary madman Dennis Hopper during his very wildest years? Well, wonder no more. The new, Venice Film Festival-screened documentary Along for the Ride relates the story of Satya de la Manitou who, as he explains in the film’s just-released trailer, spent decades as “Dennis Hopper’s right-hand man.” Directed by Nick Ebeling, the movie also features contributions from Frank Gehry, Ed Ruscha, Tony Shafrazi, Wim Wenders, Dean Stockwell, Dwight Yoakam, and David Lynch, who directed Hopper in his 1986 classic, Blue Velvet.
Along for the Ride premieres at New York’s Metrograph cinema Nov. 3 as part of a “Directed by Dennis Hopper” series, playing alongside Easy Rider, Out of the Blue, Colors, The Last Movie, and The Hot Spot. The film opens in Los Angeles, Dec. 8.”
Entertainment Weekly

Akiko Stehrenberger gets a Silver CLIO Entertainment Award Winner for her work as an art director and illustrator for the poster “Donald Cried”

Jordane Saget is participating among 70 other awesome artists to an art auction benefiting le Secours Populaire. The auction will take place at agnès b, November 3rd at 6: 30 PM. The auction is organized by Artcurial in partnership with Vans Europe.




Mark Ulriksen is going digital and it is lovely!


Coming up, August 31st, a visit and a live performance at Jordane’s studio in Paris for the members of Culture Secrets.




This year the craft of fan making was included in the Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts as ‘at serious risk of no longer being practised’. The Fan Museum needed some help to raise and launch a project which was aiming to put fan making back on the map.

Street Fans unites an international cast of street artists including Jordane Saget, RUN, C215, Nathan Bowen, Sr.X, Himbad & Otto Schade with master fan maker, Sylvain Le Guen to design and create one-of-a-kind fans for the Museum.

Jordane Saget was happy to contribute to this project by creating and donating two fans to the Museum.

Curator said: “Saget’s labyrinthine composition weaves sinuously across the surface of the Fan, evoking historical arabesques, but distilled for the 21st century.


Spring 2017 / Sumer 2017


Akiko Stehrenberger / Latest Poster / ” Ingrid Goes West” /

We are super excited to reveal Jordane Saget art work for the City of Neuilly and its Theatre: Le Théâtre des Sablons.



The Studio Jordane Saget is officially opened in Paris. You may drop us an e-mail or call us for a private visit. All existing original art work is there for you to see.

Mark Ulriksen / Latest Cover / The New Yorker / “Off the Leash” /


After two years entirely dedicated to her personal work and art shows …Miss Helena Hauss is back and ready for some commercial work.



Akiko Stehrenberger  / Latest Poster / “Love off The Cuff”

Akiko Stehrenberger  / Latest Poster / ” Colossal” /


Jordane Saget, CLET and Yann Perreau, will discuss at Science Po April 10th:

Who is I? Avatars, aliases, pseudonyms, virtual identities: from Romain Gary to Gorillaz, passing by the Anonymous or Elena Ferrante, experiences of anonymity are at the heart of the contemporary art scene.
But what does being anonymous mean today? Is it a counter-culture or a mainstream practice? Is it a way to escape the need for absolute transparency of the market or a way of building a legend for the audience? And why refuse the authorship of one’s work in a society in which censorship is practically gone?
e est un autre… Avatars, alias, pseudonymes, multiplication des identités virtuelles : de Romain Gary aux Gorillaz en passant par Elena Ferrante ou Anonymous, les expériences d’anonymat sont au cœur de la scène artistique contemporaine.
Mais de quoi l’anonymat est-il le nom aujourd’hui? De contre-culture ou de pratique mainstream? D’une volonté d’échapper aux lois du marché et à transparence absolue ou au contraire de s’édifier en légende pour attirer son public? Et pourquoi refuser la paternité de son oeuvre dans une société où la censure a presque disparu?
Pour vous aider à arpenter les labyrinthes de l’anonymat dans l’art, la SdA  a concocté une table-ronde où vous aurez l’occasion d’explorer tous ses paradoxes, entre un choix délibéré, une forme de se construire une identité propre, et une stratégie marketing.


Jordane Saget‘s work will be exhibited at the public auction and art show “Street For Kids” from March 7th to March 9th in Paris at the city hall of the first district. For more information you may click on the following link:  lien vers vente WEB & LIVE  


In September 2015, the international collaboration Ligo-Virgo confirmed the existence of gravitational waves theorized nearly a century earlier by Albert Einstein. The CNRS and the French Society of Physics offer an exceptional rendez vous to celebrate this major discovery. Jordane Saget has been invited by The CNRS for a performance live to illustrate the gravitational waves. It will happen March 20th, if you wish to attend the event , it is free. It will take place in Annecy at the Hôtel Impérial.



Jordane Saget, latest commissioned mural for Le Printemps Haussmann Homme Paris.


Jordane Saget, latest art show in Saint Germain des Près will take place January 26th at the Gallery Géraldine Banier, 54 rue Jacob, 76 006.


 Winter 2017

New, hand-drawn illustrated poster by acclaimed artist Akiko Stehrenberger for Hirokazu Kore-eda’s  “After The Storm”
Premiering last year at the Cannes Film Festival, and making its North American bow at the Toronto International Film Festival in the fall, the film follows a struggling novelist as he tries maintain a connection with his mother, ex-wife and son, only for a passing typhoon to give him the opportunity to mend those ties.


Akiko Stehrenberger / Latest Poster / “I , Daniel Blake” /


Welcome to Street Artist Jordane Saget.


A 35 ans, Jordane Sajet, fait son entrée sur la scène artistique parisienne. Après une période d’introspection et de recherche, ses lignes sont sorties de ses carnets de dessins. Besoin de liberté et d’expression, il part se confronter à la ville, au béton, aux couloirs du Métro, armé simplement d’une craie blanche. Avec une gestuelle proche d’une danse rituelle, il trace trois lignes blanches qui s’entremêlent librement et envahissent l’espace. En soulignant les lieux par ses interventions éphémères, il offre aux passants une nouvelle vision de leur quotidien.

Une craie en quête de l’inaccessible étoile 

Bonnet de laine et backpack en bandoulière, il arpente infatigablement rues, places et passages, couloirs souterrains, allées branchées et recoins solitaires… Le CV de Jordane Saget pourrait tenir dans les cinq mots de Daniel Buren : «Vit et travaille in situ.» L’improvisation comme seul programme confèrera à tel décrochement, recoin, cassure, colonne, façade ou sol le statut de “spot”.

Dans la lignée des Keith Haring, Philippe Baudelocque ou Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, le bâton de craie «tableau» servira de relais.

Une gestuelle, une chorégraphie, les mains décrivent de lascives arabesques du danseur étoile, valse viennoise de l’odyssée d’un espace méticuleusement choisi, où le motif n’aura pour but que de magnifier le support en remerciement de son accueil et de son abri.

« Et avant que le monde ne se défasse, imaginer le partage de la beauté… Et en superbe, une architecture qui trace les périodes et marque les lieux, joue avec les ombres et les angles, pointe des aspérités sous les courbes, marie le bois et la pierre, lustre la brique, polit le verre, fait étinceler et danser la céramique.»* Musique répétitive, phrasés reproduits à l’envi, toujours semblables mais jamais pareils. Inlassablement les notes se jouent d’une partition non dogmatique, générant des portées qu’une ondée, une semelle ou une paume brouilleront naturellement, par inadvertance ou délibérément.

Poignet souple et attentionné, douce craie inexorablement érodée par la rugosité du support : c’est la langoureuse étreinte d’un ménage à trois.

Car de trinité il s’agit. Compagne depuis la nuit des temps des civilisations chinoises et celtiques, Sainte, p’tits cochons et ours de contes, Grâces, triades et triplets, sœurs des Parques maîtresses de la destinée humaine, périodes du Taï Chi…

Trois lignes parallèles matricielles placentant le fœtus de Sébastien Lecca, trois lignes d’art spatial irriguant les colonnes Buren du Palais-Royal, trois lignes intemporelles, ombre projetée de la pyramide de Yeoh Ming Pei au Louvre.

Trois lignes parallèles virevoltant au gré de l’imaginaire, de l’inattendu, free-hand, s’incurvant d’un parcours toujours renouvelé même si çà et là parvient à s’insinuer, le temps d’un éclair, le doute ou l’incertitude ?

Qu’importe l’origine ou le destin du tracé si entre l’œuvre, l’artiste et les passants il n’est plus question que d’harmonie.

Jean-Luc Hinsinger

Jordane est un artiste contemporain, la rue est certes un lieu qu’il affectionne toutefois son travail s’exprime aussi sur des toiles, des objets, dans des lieux privés et pour certaines maisons et institutions. A ce jour, Jordane a collaboré avec L’Hotel Drouot, des particuliers,  l’hotel Renaissance République à la demande de Didier Gomez, la Mairie du Premier Arrondissement, l’Opéra Bastille,  l’Orchestre de Paris /  le Festival d’Automne, le Théâtre National de Chaillot,  le Printemps Haussmann Homme, le CNRS, la ville de Neuilly et le Théâtre des Sablons,  ainsi que d’autres maisons et institutions qui pour des raisons de confidentialité désirent rester anonymes.

Jordane is a contemporary artist, the city is certainly a place where he loves expressing himself and the chalk his brush however he does express himself in many different ways as well. He customises objects, does murals in private places, draws, paint on paper and on canvas too…. He has few limits, he needs to create.

His most recent commissioned work involved a commissioned piece for the Hotel Drouot, the famous parisian auction house, The City Hall of the First District requested by the Mayor, some art work for the Hotel Renaissance Republique commissioned by Didier Gomez, a performance for the Opéra Bastille with Fubiz, some commissioned art work for l’Orchestre de Paris /  le Festival d’Automne, the National Theatre de Chaillot, le Printemps Haussmann, le CNRS, the city of Neuilly and its wonderful theatre : Le Théâtre des Sablons as well as some murals for some private clients that do wish to remain anonymous.

The Huffington Post is debuting the poster for Zach Clark’s new film, designed by Akiko Stehrenberger which opens in New York and premieres on VOD platforms Oct. 14. A bittersweet comedy about Colleen Lunsford, a former goth girl who skips town to become a nun.

As its poster shows ― encapsulates America’s conflicting ideals, some of which play out in Colleen as she revisits her childhood and configures her new life.



Fall 2016

Mark Ulriksen / Latest Cover /  The New Yorker /



“Drunk on the Impossible Past” – 120x80cm – Ballpoint pen + yellow pencil by Helena Hauss




Happy to share Akiko‘s latest poster for “The Road to Mandalay” which will be shown at the Venice film Festival starting today.


Mark Ulriksen is having his first retrospective exhibition in Paris this September. Congratualtions Mark!


Spring / Summer 2016

Mark Ulriksen‘s /  Cover / The New Yorker /


Akiko‘s poster for “FOUREVER” directed by Dean Ronalds was released today. We wish the film much success.


Akiko Stehrenberger‘s poster for the lovely documentary “La Laguna” came out today.




Fall / Winter 2015 – 2016

Akiko Stehrenberger‘s exclusive new poster for the much anticipated horror comedy “They’re Watching”, written and directed by Micah Wright and Jay Lender of “Call of Duty”.


Mark Ulriksen‘s latest illustration for Rolling Stone‘s current music review of Iggy Pop and Josh Homme’s new record, “Post Pop Depression”.


Akiko Stehrenberger   Poster / “Ghosting” /  Ray-Ban “Never Hide” Campaign


Chiara Clemente latest film:  Chiara captures her father’s Sprawling Installation at MASS MoCA.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 20.16.57

We are super happy to finish the year on such a lovely note and to announce that Akiko Stehrenberger‘s posters have been selected as best movie posters of 2015. Happy New Year All!



Spring /Summer 2015 

Mark Ulriksen‘s latest cover for The New Yorker
Board with Traffic cover

So happy to welcome Mark Ulriksen to the agency.

Mark March 5, 2015

Mark Ulriksen is a San Francisco-based artist and illustrator whose instantly recognizable portraits and whimsical take on life have led to projects for a variety of major clients. He specializes in figurative work that blends humor and darkness with psychological insight. After initially working for 13 years as a graphic designer and magazine art director, Mark went through a relatively early mid-life crisis and gave up a world of monthly deadlines for a world of weekly ones, pursuing a new career as a freelance illustrator and artist.

His editorial illustration work began in the mid-nineties, and since then his paintings have appeared in many of America’s leading magazines and newspapers. Ulriksen is best known for his work for The New Yorker, where he has been a regular contributor since 1993, with more than 50 magazine covers to his credit.

Mark’s varied interests are often the subjects of his acrylic paintings, be they politics or dogs, people or sports. He covered the 2008 Masters for Golf Digest and has created murals for United Airlines and the Chicago Bears that grace the walls of the United Club at Soldier Field. His dog prints adorn the halls of Kaiser Permanente hospitals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the regular illustrator for the San Francisco Jazz Festival, as well as a children’s book illustrator, and the recipient of numerous awards, including Gold and Silver medals from the NY Society of Illustrators. His 2006 New Yorker cover parody of the film Brokeback Mountain was named the year’s top magazine news cover by the Magazine Publishers of America. Ulriksen’s work is in the permanent collection of The Smithsonian and the Library of Congress.

You may check out Mark’s website by clicking on the following link:

Capturing the Memories High Res

Helena Hauss‘s latest illustration for WWD: Dior X Galliano


Chiara Clemente ‘s latest video for Blonde Redhead .

In this video for “Deafeatist Anthem”—directed by Chiara Clemente, acclaimed for her 2008 NYC documentary Our City Dreams—singer Kazu gives us a little bit more of a glimpse into BR’s world. It combines an artful live performance of said song, shot at Bowery Ballroom, and it’s preceded by the singer at home, discussing their life on the road and the band as “a single cell unit.” Vice



We just got word that Akiko Stehrenberger ‘s Cut Bank Norman Rockwell influenced poster won a Golden Trailer Award last night for Best Independent Poster. The Golden Trailer Awards are the movie poster industries Golden Globes, whereas the Key Art Awards are the Oscars.


Akiko Stehrenberger latest poster featured in the Hollywood Reporter today. Congratulations Akiko!


Miss Helena Hauss‘s  latest advertising campaign for M&C Saatchi Gad London and TFL.


Winter 2015

Akiko Stehrenberger‘s poster is celebrated in Entertainment weekly.



Fall / Winter 2014

Akiko‘s posters for: Jonathan Glazer “Under the Skin”,” Blue Ruin” directed by Jeremy Saulnier and “The One I Love” directed by Charlie McDowell have been elected best movie posters of 2014. We are beyond happy to finish this incredible year on such a lovely note. See you all in 2015.




A couple months ago, Akiko was asked to design for a French studio the poster for “La French”, based on the script.


We are pleased to announce “Before the After” .  Akiko Stehrenberger first personal art show at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood.

Ants 12x15_printBOX-IMAGERY_30x11

AkikoStehrenberger_11 20 14

For H Represents,  it is our third art show this year. We had the pleasure to be part of the Friends and Family art show at the Galerie Eva Hober in Paris, to curate Draw at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and finally now to be at the Standard Hollywood.

The Standard, Hollywood will present the installation of artist Akiko Stehrenberger’s Before The After on Thursday, November 6th. Before The After installation, a visual diary of Stehrenberger’s childhood, will remain on view through the month of November.

Before the After installation unfolds as a visual diary of Stehrenberger’s childhood before the dissolution of her family and parents’ marriage. The heavy themes are juxtaposed with whimsical color and distorted children’s book-like illustrations, as if seen through the eyes of a child. Akiko Stehrenberger – Los Angeles-based artist who’s represented by artist management agency, H Represents – work spans from advertising, editorial and various creative outlets and is mostly recognized for her illustrated movie posters.

Chiara Clemente presents “a piece apart” – Spring 2015

It stars with two of Chiara’s oldest friends, Mirabelle and Melia Marden, who were a big part of her early beginnings making films.

Please click on the photograph to watch Chiara Clemente latest  film.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.03.22 PM

Baccarat celebrates love… so do we with Chiara’s latest inspired and inspiring film about Alex and Ada Katz, happy September to all of you!

In its around the world journey through time and continents, the iconic Harcourt, has been at the centre of great stories to become a timeless object of desire and prestige for any occasion. From this great source of inspiration, Chiara Clemente, Sonia Sieff, Joséphine de la Baume have created three legendary stories…

“In portraying Ada and Alex Katz for Baccarat, I wanted to celebrate their love and the way to continuously inspire each other. Like Baccarat, they possess the beauty and the longevity and impeccable precision” Chiara Clemente

Summer 2014

Akiko Stehrenberger latest poster this summer has been released, happy summer to all of you!

one_i_love_By Akiko Stehrenberger @Hrepresents


This May, H Represents was invited to curate a show for W+K Amsterdam. It was a blast, thank you Maud!


Akiko Stehrenberger creates another beautiful poster for Spike Jonze latest film “Her”


Find below Akiko’s latest poster for Jonathan Glazer’s film “Under The Skin”.

Winter  2014

 Welcome to our youngest talent : Miss Helena Hauss.

Helena Hauss is an Illustrator.
She graduated in 2012 form a small graphic arts school in the south of France, and after a few months of free-lancing in different advertising agencies (LEG, BETC, NOUVELOEUVRE), She has  decided to try her luck at being a professional illustrator. Drawing is her passion and she spent most of her days doing it.
She draws very large pieces of art (usually around 100cm x 70cm) that allow her to really go into details of hair, patterns and typography, all in bic pens, with bright and contrasted colors.
Her style of drawing has never been something quite conscious. It just kind of happened, for different reasons that had nothing to do with choice. For example, she has always had a big attraction for the color blue, so much so that all her clothes and accessories were a shade of it, so when she drew she very much liked using blue ink, such as the one found in bic pens.
Besides, she first started drawing abundantly all through high school in her homework books rather than writing down what the teacher was saying, and using bic pens was always a good way not to get caught when being watched from afar ! As she grew up however, she started experimenting with other medium, but never finding herself quite at ease with them as she felt with biro pens, to which  she has grown so accustomed. Indeed, no other medium allows her to put so much emphasis and details into hair, reflects and patterns as she so much loves to do. In the beginning she used to feel a little bit ashamed for using ball-point pens, like she didn’t feel like a real artist, but in more recent years she noticed it became kind of a trend and she got to embrace it, as it felt this was actually exactly the right time and the right place to do just that ! ” but! she  still does digital painting too!

You may check out Helena’s website by clicking on the following link:

Laughing Daisies
Sportmax presents the fifth chapter of the “Carte Blanche” artist’s collection with director Chiara Clemente.
Chapter five of “Carte Blanche” is a collaboration with filmmaker Chiara Clemente. Previous artists for the project include the creative Ambra Medda, the artist Lola Montes Schnabel, the iconic musician Kim Gordon from the band Sonic Youth and the art director Christophe Brunnquell.

H represents and its Artists are wishing you an amazing year 2014!

Fall 2013
We are very happy to welcome iconic artist Dave Kinsey .
His fine art has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide and has been featured in local and international print and online publications from The New York Times and Washington Post to Hypebeast. Among many varied art and design accomplishments, Kinsey was recently selected to participate in an international Absolut artist campaign leading to the commissioned design of a signature Absolut Vodka bottle, following his being chosen, in 2012, as the 33rd annual artist in the esteemed Kenwood Vineyards Artist Series.

Below Akiko Stehrenberger latest campaign for Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam  which won a Bronze Epica Award  for  as well as her latest poster for Roman Polanski’s “La Venus à la Fourrure”

AKIKO @ H represents : Roman Polanski

Spring / Summer 2013

l’Atelier Persol directed by Chiara Clemente for Publicis 133.

Chiara Clemente @ H Represents : Atelier Persol : April 2013

Mario Sorrenti’s Beginnings by Chiara Clemente are out in a paper version in L’Officiel this April.
Chiara Clemente
In March, Akiko Stehrenberger‘s poster “Kiss of the Damned” won Best Movie poster at South by Southwest Festival as well a the Jury Award for Excellence in Poster Design and the Audience Award.
We are very happy to announce Chiara’s collaboration with L’Offciel Paris, starting in March. L’Offciel approached us a couple of months ago to run a print version of Chiara’s short film series “Beginnings”. We decided to introduce the series to France by starting with Chiara’s Beginnings.
Chiara Clemente shoots “Matteo Garrone: The Player” for Nowness.
The Cannes Grand Prix-Winner Talks Love, Chance and Celluloid with Fellow Director Chiara Clemente.

Chiaria Clemente :

Winter 2013
Chiara Clemente shoots l’Atelier Persol with L’Ecurie for Publicis 133 Luxe. The films will be coming up soon.
l'atelier persol directed by Chiara Clemente @ H
Fall / Winter  2012
Chiara Clemente directs her first music video “Undone” for Lucille Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles. The video does not go unnoticed ,  MTV comments.
We are very happy to welcome incredibly talented director Chiara Clemente to the agency.

Chiara Clemente is a film director who explores identity, cultural contrast, and the creative process. Her love of art can be traced back to a childhood spent tiptoeing around paintings in her father’s studio. After attending film school at Art Center in Pasadena, she directed her first art documentary in 2000 for RAI in Italy. In the following years, Chiara continued to film and collaborate with artists such as Jim Dine, Brice Marden, and Frank Gehry. In 2005, she began filming her first critically-acclaimed documentary, “Our City Dreams”, which followed the lives and work of five contemporary women artists (Nancy Spero, Marina Abramovic, Kiki Smith, Ghada Amer and Swoon) in New York City. Our City Dreams premiered at the prestigious Film Forum in February 2009, screened in more than 30 cities worldwide, and was broadcast on the Sundance Channel.
Shortly after, Chiara directed several short films: “Curiosity” for Saatchi and Saatchi, “Remembering Sprouse” with Louis Vuitton for The New York Times, “Richard Tuttle and Mario Sorrenti” for W Magazine and a series of short portrait pieces for Anthropology.
In 2010 she directed a film for Levi’s initiative “Shape What’s to Come” that premiered at the TED Conference. That same year she wrote and directed: “Beginnings”, an original short film series for the Sundance Channel, which after the Second Season won a Webby Award for Best Doc Series. She also directed the online series Made Here: Performing Artists on Work and Life in New York City, which is now in production for its fourth season.
This past year she worked with Apple, Wieden + Kennedy Portland, and most recently with Persol for Publicis Paris as well as directed her first music video for Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles  which was featured on MTV.