Saiman Chow / Ciclope Festival 2014 / Title Sequence

Currently working on the full narrative version without sponsors. It’s going to be good.


Saiman Chow / “Looking Thru The B-Sides” / Short Film

“Looking Thru The B-Sides” follows the adventures of a skater named “ollie” as he is off on a quest to find his lost skateboard. What starts off as a casual trip to the skatepark, turns into a wild trip down the rabit hole and ends up in a way that Alice In Wonderland could never imagine.
Directed by Sean Dougherty and Saiman Chow.

Saiman Chow / “Rabbs Frog”/ New York Times


Saiman Chow / “Karaoke” / Adult Swim / Station IDs

Saiman Show / “The Eric Andre Show” / Adult Swim / Station IDs



Saiman Chow / “Chillaxology”/ Adult Swim / Station IDs

The final installment in a series of three Station IDs for Adult Swim.
Big thanks to the amazing team from Antfood and Lil Caterpillar for the killer track.

Saiman Chow / “Soupe du Jour” / Adult Swim / Station IDs

The first in a series of three new station IDs for Adult Swim.
Music by the audio wizards Antfood