Akiko Stehrenberger / Karen O + Danger Mouse’s, An Encounter with Lux Prima at The Marciano Art foundation

Akiko Stehrenberger / “Baskets” / FX / Jonathan Krisel

Akiko Stehrenberger / “Unbeliavable” / Netflix / Susannah Grant

Akiko Stenhrenberger / “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind” / Chiwetel Ejiofor

Akiko Stehrenberger / “White Boy Rick ” / Yann Demange

Akiko Stehrenberger / “Serendipity” / Prune Nourry

“Serendipity began as a book, published on the occasion of Prune Nourry’s solo show at the Guimet National Asian Art Museum in Paris in 2017. The French-born, New York–based artist has spent the majority of her artistic career creating work that deals with women’s bodies and female fertility. A recent breast cancer diagnosis led Nourry to create Serendipity—now in the form of a stunning first-person documentary—which captures the subsequent evolution of her body, her work, her soul, and her mind. This impassioned, beautiful film embodies the artist’s belief that everything is connected, coincidence is an illusion, and “the essentials to life really are health, love, and art.”

Akiko Stehrenberger / “The Front Runner” / Jason Reitman