Vahram Varatyan / “Mon Fuji, Mon Amour” / Woodblock Print / Branding

2018. Unveiling “Mon Fuji, Mon Amour”, Vahram’s first woodblock print. Made in Japan by Adachi Hanga, based on his drawing of Mount Fuji. Long process for a unique result. The idea behind his take on ukiyo-e (‘image of a floating world’) is the obsession of Japanese and tourists alike for this mountain. Hokusai & his pals can’t deny : Fujisan is without question the star of this fabulous country, and very much decides when to show up. By chance he could get a glimpse on various occasions from Tokyo or in the Shinkansen 🚅 on his way to Kyoto, usually after a storm or very early in the morning. Each time Vahram’s phone (and so many others!) were ready to shoot the diva mountain.