Helena Hauss


Innocence Lost 

What I aim to depict in my body of work, is a time of volatile change and freedom trough rebellion and mischief towards self discovery, on a backdrop of childish innocence and nostalgia. These drawings are about the contrasting pull of innocence and vice and the beauty that comes with a corrupt youth through the sheer will to discover and experience. I especially aim to focus on girlhood, and what it means to become one’s self while refusing to be taimed. In a simple sense, it’s about Bad Girls. It’s about girls refusing to be that pure and unblemished self. It’s about girls with faults. Girls who chose to be what they are and own it. But you have to look closer, to find clues hidden in the details as to what a drawing is really about : from the scars on the fingers of the cheerful girl with a lust for sweets to the Ouija symbols on a shirt, sometimes there may be more than one way to read the same image…

And even in the dark, they might light up.

All of my drawings are done almost exclusively with ballpoint pens, except for yellow color pencils.

I first started drawing with ballpoint pens in high school, when I kept a diary which would last more than a decade. In class I would write a lot in that diary, as well as draw, and using ballpoint pens was the best way to be discreet and keep the teachers at bay.

All of my drawings are inspired from my real life experiences and memories.

You may check out Helena’s website by clicking on the following link: http://www.helenahauss.net