Jordane Saget


Jordane Saget is a Parisian Street Artist. He began drawing on black notebooks before going out in the streets of Paris to cover the walls of his arabesques. The use of chalk has imposed itself, to reassure people, for its ephemeral quality and texture. The metro was a milestone in the career of the artist, pristine areas left for the renovation of stations offered a variety of media and thus gave life to original and unique works. Frescoes challenge, they become ornamental. No drawing is never predetermined, each fresco has unique curves and adapts to its space. His work is lively because it evolves through time and the interaction of people.

His client list include: la RATP, Peugeot, LCL, Christie’s Paris, The Hotel Renaissance République, Agnès b, Le Coq Sportif, Bercy Village, Le Printemps Haussmann, The City of Neuilly- sur-Seine.

His work has been featured in: Le Parisien, Le Point, Le Figaro, the Wall Street Journal, Télérama, L’instant Parisien among many others.