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A Drawing a Day for 365 Days
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The vocabulary of this long-term project has resulted in a curious bestiary cut from old accounting books and ephemera, brought to life with ink and paint, scissors and collage, resulting in an original and thoroughly whimsical world tinted with black humor and impertinence. Finding solutions to visual problems through metaphor is one of Daniel’s most gratifying endeavours, having spent ten years cultivating a skill of translating abstract texts into concise coherent visual metaphors  as ai illustrator for the New York Times among other notable clients. Becoming fluent in the language of media in its ability to educate and manipulate. This fluency allows allows for mining our collective visual codex with extreme precision. 365 serves as a taxonomy and database of 365 ideas and techniques that function as a foundation in each subsequent project.

Through dissonant figure pairings and Freudian fluency drawn from our collective symbolic lexicon, Horowitz attempts to unlock a more authentic reality.  By repurposing images from our societal detritus contained in expired soviet encyclopedias, periodicals, almanacs, and lifestyle magazines, and by employing an associative logic, I expose our contemporary reality with its social anxieties and displaced identity. Having been raised in the shadow of the holocaust, Daniel states that much of his life he has spent trying to reconcile what are fundamental truths in regards to human behavior. Peeling away the surface on printed media which he consideres as propaganda, someone’s official version of the truth, he attempts to unlock that which binds us all together and dispel inherited trauma. Therefore the work is simultaneously autobiographical, as it is collective in its reckoning with wider contexts of our shared paranoias.

At mid-term of the project, Lucien Zayan, director of The Invisible Dog Art Center, invited Daniel to create a large scale exhibition of the entire series upon its completion. Curated by star Korean artist, Chong Gon Byun. The exhibition of 365 drawings opened on March 10th, 2012, during the Armory show and ran for 6 weeks. Since selections of the paintings have since been exhibited widely, including Christie’s Auction House in NY, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Direktorenhaus in Berlin.