Sébastien Dominici / Paintings / 2015 / 2016 / 2017


Collaboration in between Sébastien Dominici & Jordane Saget


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the first

Important diptych (separate) / The title of the work « The First » and differents aspects évoke David Bowie.

Starded in the biginning of december, 2015 – Ended on january 10th, 2016. The artist ignored the death of the musician at the same moment.

Besides the various symbols approached on this surprising bank note and hundred of drawings and comments with pastel, marker, pencil… Sebastien Dominici reiterates the prowess and the technical effects : the 3 mm of distance between the stata of resin, watermark effect according to the light and the movement of the spectator, the fingerprints around the sheep, resin stains with color and spangles, stencil, graff….

grande vagueS.Dominici revisits brilliantly the wave of Hokusai. Several interpretations are possible. In particular the environmental approach. The work of details is impressive.