Sébastien Dominici

Christophe Gueguen

Sebastien Dominici was born in 1978. He lives and work in Bastia. Known for his customizations of the surfboards of the mark JVB Surfboards, he is the creator of the Wall Ride Art, the art which rides walls. In the same movement as the practice of the skateboard and the surfing, its creation on canvas and other supports raises him in its own freedom.

Carried by the emotion of real-life moments and the esthetic codes of the underground culture, its meticulous graphic act, dynamic and incisive, allied to an energetic chromaticism, organizes circuits of symbolic interactions.
By a lucid, elaborate and powerful message, he denounces the hyper consumption power(s). He confers them human freedom and emancipation. The story fed by a mixed technique (pastel, marker, spray paint, pencil, paint, transfer ..) plays on several plans (with, by moment, 3D effects). Eventually, thanks to different strata of resin, which gives all its reach to this contemporary work of a big wealth.

Sébastien has customized some surfboards for Edouard Delpero, Thibault Dussarat,
Pierre Rollet, David Latastere, Justin Becret, Oli Buergin & Jean-Valère Bordenave, founder, shaper @JVB Surfboards.